Online advertising using rich media and even static ads can greatly increase your web site visits thus incresing your sales.  Used in conjuction with print advertising you can often find "Value Added" as an incentive to try it out for next to nothing.

Gallery of  Static Web Ads

Rich Media Web Ads

Rich Media is now defined as: advertisements with which users can interact (as opposed to solely animation and excluding click-through functionality) in a web page format. These advertisements can be used either singularly or in combination with various technologies, including but not limited to sound, video, or Flash, and with programming languages such as Java, Javascript, and DHTML. View More Rich Media Ads Here

“In-Stream Video Ads” now refer to advertisements relating to video player environments, and creative guidelines for those units that appear in conjunction with streaming content, can be found here:

Commercials and Presentations

Ask us about producing short 30 second spots for you.  HD and SD sizes.