Photography |
  • Looking for unusual shapes, colors and textures in nature.
    Most of my off time is spend hiking the mountains in Southwestern Virginia and Western North Carolina - when I'm fortunate. Not only anticipating that final destination of a spectacular waterfall or vista, but actully enjoying the many things I'm blessed to witness along the way. Roots, waterbugs, mayflies, butterfiles and ferns are among my favorites. And almost every flower I encounter.
  • Portfolio
  • Caught in a moment of surprise or a quiet escape from the world.
    Unposed. Unsuspecting. And Uninterupted. A long range lens and quietly getting lost in the crowd afford me the precious moments like this. If you simply follow a person around without them knowing it, you'll get the most real moments on film. And often their favorites for a lifetime as they look back and remember the thought or the reason for the expression.
  • Little girls and boys full of life, energy and curiosity.
    From their first taste of something sweet to their first excitement over something to new. When they cry. When they laugh. When they smile and kiss. Each moment is priceless. The moment we hold in our hearts however, when we don't have a camera with us, are the most precious.
  • Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations of any kind.
    Natural, unposed and totally spontaneous are the ones to capture. When laughter is genuine and smiles unforced. Capturing the twinkle in the eyes of lovers as they take their vows or the wisdom in the eyes of the old as they celebrate a milestone birthday of 100 years.
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